Join us on our journey

Have you ever noticed how quickly the world is changing around us? People have always been interested in what the future will look like and what it might mean for us. Here are some stats that I think paint a bit of a picture:

• By 2050, global population will rise to 9bn, up from about 7.4bn today.
• By 2020 there will be 50bn connected devices.
• For the first time in human history, more people now live in cities than outside them.
• There will be a 56% increase in global energy consumption by 2040.
• Since 1880 the 4 hottest years on record globally have been 2015, 2014, 2010 and 2013.

As individuals and businesses, all these things mean that the world we will be living and operating in may look disarmingly similar – but will be very different in years to come. What’s expected of us, the resources available, our impacts, and the way we operate has to adapt to the changing world outside the window.

Public transport services have a crucial role to play in managing the potential strains that could be placed on our communities and environment too. A rapidly growing population living in cities, increasing congestion on roads and demands for cleaner air, and the urgent need to tackle climate change by reducing CO2 emissions (of which transport accounts for 14% globally).

Services like Arriva’s are already good for the environment and help with these issues – we reduce congestion and the overall environmental impacts from travel by taking individual journeys off the roads. In a changing world our challenge is to ensure public transport grows to meet demand while remaining attractive, convenient and accessible to new consumers. All while reducing our own impact.

At Arriva we want to be industry leading on the environment, and we call this our ‘Journey to Destination Green’. You might be thinking – hang on, what does that actually mean for me? Well, we’re all experts who can help Arriva get there, whether we realise it or not…

We’re already doing some fantastic things like trying out new technologies, services and alternative fuels – but it’s not just about the big things we do as a business. Being ‘environmentally friendly’ and helping Arriva reach Destination Green is all about the decisions we make as individuals. It’s no more complicated than that.

Each one of us has a unique opportunity to make a difference. We’re all experts in our own role so will know better than anybody else how Destination Green can apply to our day jobs. Each and every person at Arriva directly influences our environmental impacts, whether by using energy, water, waste and fuel, or in planning and managing our operations.

Maybe you work in procurement and can make sure our suppliers are on the journey with us, or you work in HR and can help new recruits understand Destination Green. Do you always use the right recycling bins? What about turning your monitor or equipment off when you’re not using it?

Think about your day to day role, and the unique influence you have on Arriva’s environmental impacts. How can you use your expertise to help Arriva reach Destination Green?

I’m always keen to hear any ideas you may have, because you’re the expert. You may well think of something that will be a game changer for Arriva, so get in touch if you want to have a chat! Have a think and hopefully hear from you soon – together we can help Arriva reach Destination Green!