I’m a car driver, get me out of here!

I’ve heard lots of people complaining about their car journey getting worse, and then them feeling helpless in the traffic with only an in car entertainment system for company. Most people travel alone, and this not only adds to the congestion but also stamps a bigger personal carbon footprint for the journey than other modes of travel – including the bus. Employers see this as an increasing issue affecting health, productivity and, potentially, ability to recruit. Plus think of the pressure on car parks!

Our solution was pretty simple: offer a simple but great value Employer Travel Club which businesses can offer to their employees on a monthly direct debit, enabling them to use our wide bus network, and thus providing a more pleasant way to get into work – easy! Plus, as its self-service, it minimises employers’ admin.

Let’s face it; buses can’t get through traffic any faster than the traffic will go most of the time without the rarely offered bus lane. However, by taking an Arriva bus you are not only being kinder to the environment, you are also able to work, read, and relax whilst your chauffeur (the highly skilled bus driver) delivers you to a point near your workplace. And don’t forget, you can have a glass of wine and Arriva will drive you home! It’s a simple, sensible solution. Isn’t it time you found out about signing up?