Clubbing together

We always aim to support the communities in which we operate. As a local operator, we recognise the impact that we have upon the lives of the people located across our network and feel that it’s really important that we are able give something back in order to reflect and honour the relationship we have with them.

Our annual charity golf day is a prime example of this. Now in its 17th year, not only is it a highlight for us regionally, but it has also become something of an industry wide occasion that brings not only local businesses and stakeholders together, but also other operators and our national contacts.

The reason? Well not only is it a fun inclusive way of networking with key contacts, but moreover, it’s an incredibly worthy cause that sits right at the heart of the community.

Liverpool-based Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice offers palliative, respite and terminal care for babies and infants, aged from birth to five years old. Since our partnership with them began, we’ve raised in excess of £275,000, which is an astonishing feat, and one which we are extremely proud of. But we couldn’t have done it without the support of our wider network. It’s an entirely different kind of community, but one which is just as important.

This year alone 144 amateur golfers enjoyed their day on the green, with over 240 attending the four course gala dinner which included a charity raffle and auction. Volvo Bus, ZF Powertrain, ADL and Wrightbus each pledged valued support with their prizes, whilst ZF laid-on a BBQ. Together, along with our guests we raised in excess of £20,000. Not too bad for one day. And what’s great is that we know it will make a real difference to everyone who uses the facilities at Zoe’s Place.

The moral of the story is that by banding together, we can achieve amazing things. Developing and working at relationships is the key to success – it benefits us all, from a local to a national level. And on personal note, it feels pretty good too.

Arriva Zoer's Place Charity Golf dinner at Formby Golf Club. Arriva Zoer's Place Charity Golf dinner at Formby Golf Club.