Getting chatty, staying social

Live Chat has become a seasoned part of the Arriva website. It allows visitors to have a real-time conversation directly with one of our dedicated Customer Services team (based in Luton) who generally find it to be a much more efficient way to handle queries.

Live Chat was introduced to the Arrivabus website in July 2012. Although many companies were already using this tool, some basic research showed us no other bus companies had ‘Live Chat’ at the time. It was thought that more people would start to use this method over the coming years as everyone was becoming more digitally aware. And we were not wrong, Live Chat volumes have doubled year on year since its inception.

Many things have changed since the beginning. We now have a team of 4 advisors who answer all Live Chat questions. This team also answer any customer service related questions on our Social Media pages. Furthermore, we have added this as a means of contact on both our m-ticket and the Arriva Bus travel apps. When the new website was launched, Live Chat was featured in a more prominent position which led to a huge increase in volumes.

Ultimately, having Live Chat on our website makes the customers’ journey through our site that much more seamless. Instead of getting stuck and calling customer services, which takes you away from the site – or sending us an email where you would have to wait for a response – our customers are able to get a response straight away while staying on our site. An online chat system provides customers with immediate access to help and customers can easily multi-task whilst speaking to us. Consequently, this makes our Customer Service department more efficient as advisors are only able to take one phone call at a time. This way, however, they are able to speak to up to three people on Live Chat at any given time.

The future for Live Chat looks very bright. We are about to extend our opening hours and we are doing a lot of working with the branding and making our presence even stronger on the website. I’m sure with all of this work we will continue to see a consistent increase in Live Chat usage for the next few years.